Jane Doe's Essay I Wish They D Do It Right

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People usually cohabitate because they either believe they are not ready for marriage or couples simply don’t believe in it. In the essay “I Wish They’d Do It Right” by Jane Doe, we are presented with Doe’s real life experience about her son cohabitating. Doe’s son and his girlfriend have been living together for seven years and finally have a kid, but they are not yet married. Doe assumes that the child will give them a reason to actually get married, however they tell her that they don’t believe in marriage. Doe essentially objects to their decision of not getting married because she doesn’t want her grandchild to go through any inconveniences or embarrassments by his peers. She believes that by them getting married her son and his wife…show more content…
Depending on whether the couple is in school or where they work, they may receive benefits from both. Many jobs recently have begun to offer insurance to their workers as well as their families. Insurance can usually be expensive and what better way than for it to already be taken out of either your or your wife's paycheck. If you are in school and are married, you will most likely get a significant amount more of financial help because of the simple fact that you have a family of your own. Many schools around the country offer economical support by having on campus family housing for those students who have a family of their own. Social security benefits are one economic assistance that comes with being legally married. Either person is given a social security benefit if one of them retires or becomes disabled. If either the wife or husband were to become deceased, they would receive over half of what the other person received throughout their employment at a certain job. Being able to have certain benefits could be essential because they can help stabilize your family, but are only received if you are

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