Jane Doe's Essay I Wish They Would Do It Right

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In the essay “I Wish They’d Would Do It Right,” the author Jane Doe objects to her son’s decision to cohabitate rather than marry because there are many benefits that a married couple can have in this society. Jane Doe’s son and his wife lived together for seven years without marriage and they were having a child. Jane Doe is very excited and ready to have a grandchild. The only concern that Jane has is that her son and his wife should legalized their marriage with a license. Doe was concerned also about how to address her son’s partner. She lists many benefits of being marry. She explains how if her son and his wife are married, they would have more economic advantage. They would be able to find a cheap student-married dorm in university…show more content…
In the article “13 Legal Benefits of Marriage,”, the author Ivy Jacobson lists some benefits of being married to each other legally. The advantage can be tax benefit. A person can transfer money to his or her spouse anytime and unlimited and free from tax. When a couple has married certificate, they can fill tax together and may be pay less than individual taxpayer. The other benefit can be health and employment benefit. If a couple are married, he or she can put her spouse’s name in medical insurance. If one person is sick, the other spouse can take a family leave. There are also legal benefit of being married. A spouse can gain the family property without any tax if the husband or wife passed away. There are also emotional benefits. Jacobson stated in the article that research shows married couple has a longer life than those who are single, cohabiting or divorced. Because when married couple have difficulties, they usually find a way to solve a problem by conversation. And there are many other benefits that a couple can have if they register their marriage. Those benefits that a married couple can have are advantageous to their own life instead cohabiting couple have to find the other way to live. Marriage couple can love each other, live together and have lots of benefits to their

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