Jane Elliott's Argument Analysis: The Blue Eyed Experiment

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The blue eyed – brown eyed experiment in my opinion is indeed ethical. The issue at hand with this experiment is will it cause permeant future psychological damage. Jane Elliott conducted this experiment with her third-grade students which some would say it is too harsh of an exercise for a group that young; She wanted to teach her student that discrimination is wrong which have been a topic they discussed from the first day of school but felt the student would become confused with the fact she just honored Dr. king in the month of February and now she had to explain to them that he was assassinated because of discrimination. Jane Elliott agreed that this exercise can do Psychological damage if not conducted correctly but the benefits are remarkable.…show more content…
Jane Elliot Split her 3rd grade c lass into two different groups brown eyed group and the blue eyed group; before splitting them she asked them is being discriminating to others right and they answer the way she expected them to answer because it has been taught to them since they have been in her class, she then proceeded to ask them why was it wrong and they could not give her a clear answer she also ask them would they like to know how it feels to be discriminated against and they all said yes. She conducted this exercise for a total of two days she started the first day off letting the children know that the brown eyed students were more smarter and all around better than the blue eyed student. She then withness some of the sweetest kids turn into nasty discriminating adolescence they tease the blue eyed children every chance they could. The brown eyed student had such a boost of confidence their academic score was up and they were trying harder to hold to the title of having brown eyes. On the other hand, the blue eyed students grades were down and they kept this sad era throughout the day. The next day Mrs. Elliott toke back what she about the blue eye students and put it onto the brown eyed students; Mrs. Elliott realize that now that the blues were the more superior they were a lot kinder to the brown eyed students their grades and sprites were lifted and she couldn’t believe the sufficient of change of the students. Although, Mrs.
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