Jane Eyre And Frankenstein Analysis

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In the novel “Frankenstein” written by Mary Shelley, the author throughout the novel gives reveals actions and gives off details that leave the reader with awe in question of a secret. The author Mary Shelley has scattered secrets in the novel and unravels them throughout the journey of Victor the main protagonist in the novel with Frankenstein. Similar to Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte. Bronte also throughout the novel has embellished secrets which are later unravels through Jane’s journey as a women. In this research paper, I will be analyzing the secrets in both of the novels. From reading both of the novels, it is stated that keeping secrets become destructive when they are discovered. The secrets kept in both Frankenstein and Jane…show more content…
One of the most destructive secrets in the novel was Rochester’s secret that he kept away from Jane over a long period of time. The secret of his mad first wife Bertha that he kept hidden away in the third floor. It turned out the sounds I heard coming from the attic weren't the screams of Mr Rochester's mad wife Bertha. It wasn't the wife who burned to death in the fire that destroyed Thornfield Hall and blinded my future husband when he tried to save her. After we'd first got engaged, he'd had to admit that he was already married, and we'd broken off our engagement. He'd asked me to run away with him anyway. Naturally, I'd refused. But later, after we were properly married, he insisted that it hadn't happened that way. It turned out there had been no wife. It turned out that it had been a parrot, screaming in the attic. The parrot had belonged to his wife. She had got it in the islands, where she had also contracted the tropical fever that killed her. She'd died long before I came to work for him as a governess. That was never Bertha, in the attic” ( “The mirror” a short story). All this time Rochester kept Jane from ever knowing that he was a married man and that the only reason behind his wealth was because of his crazy wife. The secret became destructive on Rochesters part because he was leading on Jane with his words and his moves of being a handsome, loyal, honest, all around great man who in reality turned out to he lying to her face over time. Rochester in the novel sugar coated many of the things that Jane would hear or that she would be dream about. Rochester never have it importance and that had an impact on Jane, she thought she was going crazy. Him keeping this away from Jane in the end made her question his love for her and also made her question the commitment of marrying someone like that.
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