Jane Eyre And The Secret Garden Analysis

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Jane Eyre and The Secret Garden are two very different novels but are also very similar in nature. One is intended for a more mature audience, while the other is for a juvenile audience. Both novels have characters that are insecure or withdrawn from society. Jane is conflicted in her own world and is constantly pressured by society. Mary has outside forces that make her “numb” to the world around her at the beginning of the novel. She has no one that loves her nor people she loves. Throughout both novels, the characters shift and are transformed into stronger people who become more self-aware. Jane and Mary’s transformation is signified by the different types symbols that the authors use to illustrate the challenges and the environment around them that helps them to explore more about themselves. Jane in Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë, is looked as plain in the eyes of those around her. She comes from no fortune, class stature, nor beauty. Jane’s view of others is internalized on how she originally is seen and constraints of those that weigh her down. They even say that no one “really cannot care for such a little toad as” her, which illustrates how her character is pushed around by those around her (p. 63). Aunt Reed doesn 't treat Jane as one of her own and instead acts like Jane is a slave. John Reed, her cousin even torments her by mentioning her differences: “You have no business to take out books, you are a have no money; your father left you
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