Examples Of Heroism In Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre is a strong and individualist character. As well as Rochester, Jane carries some traits of a Byronic hero. Apart from Fanny who bears her unhappy childhood with suppleness and suffers silently, Jane rebels and defies and is ‘excluded from the Reed family group in the drawing room, because she is not a ‘contented, happy little child’ – excluded, that is, from ‘normal’ society […]’ While growing up in Lowood, Jane opposes to the injustice and authority and also doubts Christian faith and therefore as typical the Romantic hero questions the authorities and institutions. As a mature woman, she is discontent with her situation and longs for freedom and adventure. With Rochester she experiences a passionate but unfortunate love as it is revealed…show more content…
Fleeing from Rochester, Jane almost perishes out on the moors.’ As there are conflicts of Jane with the society, there are also ‘conflicts within the character of Jane herself – conflicts of duty and desire, assertion and restraint […]’ Jane longs for to be with her beloved Rochester, but at the same time she realises that she has a duty to herself and to her moral and she cannot stay with him regardless of the consequences. Jane Eyre, even as a child, has no clear space in the society and she continues to seek her position throughout the whole story, though it is difficult as whenever she finds a place there appears an obstacle to her happiness. As a governess, she is disrespected by the guests of Rochester and dependent on her employer, as the fiancée of Rochester she cannot wed him because he is already married and as a country teacher, she has to live without her beloved man. Eventually, she finds her place as a wife of Rochester and joins him in his rather solitary living. And this perhaps suggests that her place lies outside the society as she is such an individualist that cannot live within the
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