Jane Eyre Character Analysis

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“I am glad you are no relation of mine. I will never call you aunt again as long as I live.” Jane Eyre is a strong woman that goes through a great deal of grief and change throughout the course of her life. Throughout the entirety of Jane Eyre, Jane seeks herself and tries again and again to obtain what she wants in life. She works hard towards her goals and eventually grows into someone that is confident and someone she is proud of. Jane Eyre obtains her goals at the end of the novel by using her faith in God, nature, and herself to overcome her obstacles; this faith and strength also keeps her family and the judging, oppressing nature of man from stopping her from obtaining what she wants in life. As previously stated, Jane Eyre, the main character in the novel, is forced to face many different challenges in her life. She is orphaned at a young age and is made to live with her aunt, Mrs. Reed, who despises Jane and is only keeping the young girl around because Mr. Reed made Mrs. Reed promise to raise Jane. Thus, Jane’s childhood is unloving and she is constantly bullied by her cousins, particularly John Reed. This abuse and neglect causes Jane to be someone who holds intense grudges for a long time and who does not love, nor is loved, by anyone. However, Jane is saved from this angry fate and begins to go through a period of change when she is sent to Lowood. During her time at school, jane is not suppressed by anyone and is finally allowed to be herself. She excels at
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