Jane Eyre Character Analysis

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Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre incorporates vibrant descriptions of nature and weather, which intertwine literally and metaphorically throughout the novel to reflect the protagonist’s state of mind. Furthermore, Bronte’s meticulous description of everyday objects and experiences provide a world that is both real and tangible to the reader. The novel defies the expectations of social-class, and gender, and transcends various literary genres, while the setting purposely enhances the character’s inner feelings and emotions meritoriously, allowing more freedom for commentary, and the expression of taboo topics than solely through the dialogue of the characters.
To deliberate these points further the settings of Gateshead, Lowood and Thornfield will be assessed. Additionally, the essay will argue how Bronte used the setting to determine how women can go beyond the limitations of their gender, and social class and find fulfilment.

Gateshead Hall sets the scene for the first stage of the protagonists Jane Eyre’s journey. Gateshead immediately conjures up a vision of a place where the protagonist is physically and psychologically imprisoned. Hence, as Jane looks out of her window the setting reflects Jane’s inner state of mind, and that, despite being inside she feels cold, alienated and oppressed, ‘The cold winter wind had brought with it clouds so sombre and a rain so penetrating’ (Bronte, Jane Eyre, [1847] 2000, 1.1, all subsequent page references are to this
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