Jane Eyre Eternity

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A Journey to Eternity
"Literature cannot be in the business of a woman 's life, and it ought not to be". Those words were the response to Charlotte, when she sent in her first piece of literature to the poetry Laureate. Charlotte Bronte was in her early thirties when she wrote "Jane Eyre". Charlotte 's mother died of cancer at an early age, which resulted in her unkind and irresponsible aunt to raise her as well as her siblings. She grew up with four sisters and one brother, meaning they all weren 't provided with equal opportunities. Charlotte 's father was more modern in the victorian age and decided to send his eldest two daughters to school, sadly; a school for middle class families was not very well took care of; so her
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Mrs.Reed was the primary household of Gateshead. Jane grew up with her cousins Georgiana, Eliza, and John Reed; as well as Bessie the housekeeper at Gateshead. Bessie is the only person at Gateshead who would treat her with kindness. John Reed- the only male figure that she was exposed to at a young age, would often abuse Jane and get her in trouble. Even though Jane grew up with three cousins, she still was always left out of their activities. It would not be inaccurate to assume that living at Gateshead was the worst part of Jane 's life. She was not loved, except by the house keeper; therefor Jane grew up desiring love and being included, and whenever she got the chance to play a vital role into someone 's life that she cared about, she made sure to latch on to it. We see a proof of this whenever Jane is hated at Lowood and is shunned, Jane said "If others don 't love me, I would rather die than live- I cannot bear to be solitary…show more content…
The story of Jane Eyre did not focus on one single thing, but rather than on a whole wide variety of issues. Jane 's time at school did not only provide her with the knowledge of how to read and write, it provided her with a sense of what it was like to be on your own, and had provided her with the power of knowledge that still has power that is infinite and forever lasting. Throughout her journey, she had moments when she was would let her anger take over her-like it did with John Reed; or others when she thought being loved by others was essential to her life. As she learned, being a kind and forgiving persona paid off in the end, Jane was the true definition of a good person, and she got everything that she deserved and worked hard for in the end. Jane properly presented us what is it like to be truly be loved, deliberated,
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