Jane Eyre In An Alternative Universe: The Awakening Of Women's Hood

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Jane Eyre in An Alternative Universe: The Awakening of Women’s Hood. When St. John proposed to me, unlike myself in the other universe who heard Mr. Rochester’s voice calling, I received an oracle, “Jane, you shall be independent! Your purpose of life is not to be a wife of someone!” These groundbreaking but innovative words shocked me deeply. I had never place myself on a level that I am able to live a life of my own. I had been manipulated by the gentlemen’s game for too long time. Mr. Rochester, the man whom l loved, concealed the fact that he was married. John, my brother, purposeful ignored my forte as an excellent teacher, and forced me to abandon myself and became a wife, or more precisely an appendage of his patriarchal ideals. I could tolerate and endure no more. The signs that God sent to his loyal disciple shall guide me to a road that would disappoint myself no more. Readers, I felt myself being recharged and full of vigor. I promised that I will leave no regret and live a life that you would also be proud of. “Jane! Jane!” I heard someone calling my name, and I felt hardly to keep my balance. The curtains of my windows smoothly opened, I saw St. John’s sparking eyes looking into mine. His words urgently slipped from his mouth and ruined the ambiance, “Jane, what did you see? What did you hear?” I confronted him, “I shall not marry you, from now on, we will just be brother and sisters”, I leaved the parlor immediately to eschew possible interactions that he

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