Jane Eyre Interpersonal Essay

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It’s safe to assume that you have never looked to a fictional character for relationship advice, or any advice at all for that matter. However, I’ve recently discovered to a highly mature young woman who is wise beyond her years. No, she is not a real person, but she lives on the pages of a Charlotte Brontë novel. Her name is Jane Eyre, and to say that she has been through a lot would be quite an understatement. Jane has dealt with more than her fair share of traumatizing, and in some cases, odd experiences, including antagonistic relatives, deaths, unsolicited marriage proposals from long lost cousins, and fires. All of these dramatic encounters have contributed in some way or another to her ongoing list of both positive and negative interpersonal…show more content…
In fact, Jane has learned quite a bit through positive influences such as her best friend, Helen Burns and Mr. Rochester. Not only have they helped her become more introspective, but assisted her in flourishing as a person. It is crucial to have someone with an alternate perspective, who will ensure that you don’t lose your way. Helen was genuinely a great influence on Jane and taught her to seek out the best in people. While Helen assists Jane in correcting her pessimism and negative attitude, she does not do so in a harmful manner but, instead, encourages Jane, telling her that she is “too impulsive, too vehement” and that there is so much more to the world than meets the eye (99). We can always learn and grow by utilizing advice from others, so why not accept it from those closest to you? Being around Helen makes Jane feel so comfortable and relaxed when she talks, which is indicative of a good friendship and allows Jane to realize that perhaps she needs to be more like her friend. (100). Additionally, the genuine concern Jane feels for her friend when she grows ill is a sign of just how much she has grown from past experiences, and even her time with Helen. Compassion and empathy are such important qualities. They contribute to healthy relationships along with helping one another grow, while still maintaining a deep appreciation for each
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