Jane Eyre Syntax Analysis

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The passage from the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte illustrates the relationships between the characters Jane, John, and her aunt. The relationship that is focused on the most in this passage is the relationship between John and Jane. Through Jane’s point of view the readers clearly see’s her perspective of each characters and their treatment of her. The author’s use of syntax also demonstrates to the reader Jane’s attitude towards John and her aunt. The most detailed relationship in the passage is between Jane and John. The relationship between them is abusive because of John’s actions toward Jane. John physically and verbally abuses Jane because he believes that she is living off of John’s mother’s money. It is further proved by Jane’s…show more content…
By syntax the readers are able to read Jane’s attitude toward John and her aunt. For example, each time Jane describes John’s appearance or his actions, the sentences would have dashes or commas to continue giving details. Using this, the structure of the sentences provide more emphasis on Jane’s disgust towards John. An example of this statement would be when Jane started telling John that he is “ like a murderer- you are like a slave driver- you are like a Roman emperor!” Once Jane starts describing her aunt’s actions, Jane’s attitude turns into a mocking tone. For example, when her aunt said that she took John out of school “ on account of his delicate health,” but later says that “ he would do very well if he had fewer cakes and sweetmeats sent him from home.” Syntax is important for the readers to understand because the readers would determine the character's attitude about one another or whenever the character is emphasizing a point . Through Jane’s point of view, Jane focuses on the relationship between her and John. Jane demonstrates to readers how she has suffered through her cousin’s anger and her aunt’s neglect to stop the abuse. Through Jane the reader is shown how even with all the suffering, Jane has her limits, even though she was submissive throughout the passage until the end. Jane’s point of view is important for the readers to know because the readers will understand what is happening to the character. In
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