Jane Gandee Biography

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Jane Gandee is running the represent the people of Mount Vernon District on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. She is a supporter of building a strong community, creating a responsive government, and influencing economic development. Jane wants to bring the Board of Supervisors and School Board together to effectively strengthen Mount Vernon schools. Good teachers need to be rewarded and incentivized to stay. With more students in our schools on free-and-reduced lunch, as well as English as a Second Language learners, Mount Vernon schools need more resources to help educate all children. She advocates for improving the quality of life by maintaining and improving parks and recreation centers while adding new sidewalks and bike trails to help children and adults move freely throughout their neighborhoods without facing dangerous roads and intersections. She also plans to fight to get needed resources to improve stormwater management practices.
Jane believes keeping the public informed on important community issues should be a main priority of local government. Too often the Board of Supervisors tries to solve problems by raising taxes. Property tax rates must
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She focuses mainly on her own strengths which are primarily reflected in her relatability to the people. Because she has not had any experience as a politician, she leans mostly on her work in the community. She and her husband had a startup technology company, which is one of the reasons she is passionate about bringing large businesses to the Mount Vernon District. She also finds fault in Mount Vernon schools, which have the lowest pass rates anywhere in Fairfax County in all four standards of learning categories, which she is knowledgeable about as a mother of children in the system. Jane’s campaign does attack certain weak points in past politicians and with democrats in regards the transportation and infrastructure as well as with the issue of
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