Jane Goodall: The Man Who Changed The World

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Have you ever looked at an animal and wondered whether it could think and feel? How it could communicate? If it has a destiny? We may never fully answer all of these questions, but Jane Goodall has made a pretty great attempt.

Born on April 3rd, 1934, Jane Goodall has changed the world. When Jane was little over a year old, her father gave her a lifelike toy chimpanzee to celebrate the newborn chimpanzee in the London Zoo. This might have been the thing that sparked her curiosity about these chimpanzees. Her family thought that the chimpanzee would give her nightmares, but Jane loved the toy. She named it Jubilee, and to this day it is still in her room.

As a child, Jane dreamed of living in Africa to study the wildlife and
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What discoveries would be made, what people would be changed, what would we learn? We should teach our children to be like her.

Hero Story or a Tragedy?:

Through it all, Jane Goodall has remained curious and brave, and has been an inspiration to many. She has overcome many challenges, and has encountered success, failure, and difficulties amid her journey. She came from a poor family with little money to sustain herself, but rose from the dust and changed the world. She overcame difficulties such as not being able to go to Gombe Stream alone, not getting a college degree until her thirties, and being an alien to the chimpanzees in the reserve.

Discovering all of these things about the chimpanzees changed Jane and her future. She went from rags to riches. Before she met the chimps, she couldn’t even afford college. Now, she is a famous scientist with a estimated net worth of 175 million dollars. This discovery changed her life and the life of others. She spent the next 50 years of her life protecting the environment through the Roots and Shoots program, the Jane Goodall Institute, and more. She traveled the world, protecting the
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