Jane Goodall Research Paper

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Jane Goodall is a primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist. A primatologist is a scientist who studies primates. An ethologist studies animal behavior. An anthropologist studies humans. She made large contributions to science by studying chimpanzees. Jane studied chimpanzees for forty five years. She learned many things about chimpanzees during her studies. For example, Jane found a “language” that the chimps use. It contains over thirty individual sounds. Jane studied chimpanzees so she could learn more about humans. She found a lot of the behavior is similar to humans. Jane has won over twenty different awards in her lifetime so far. They range from conservation awards, to discovery awards. Disney has even awarded her! Jane's life was filled with science and animals. She was born on April 3, 1935 in London, England. Jane was born to Mortimer Herbert Goodall and Vanne Myfanwe Joseph Goodall. Jane's mother was an author and her father was an engineer. She has one sister named Judy. Judy was born on the same day as her. Jane was born right before WWII…show more content…
When she was one, she got a toy chimp. Its name was Jubilee and Jane carried it everywhere she went. In 1939 when Jane was four years old she had scared her family. They had all thought she went missing. That was not the case. Jane was curious to find out where eggs come from. She sat in a hen house for hours. When she returned home, she was so excited about her new knowledge. Her mother noticed this and let Jane tell her all about her new discoveries instead of yelling at her. Jane’s mother had always been very encouraging to Jane. When she was younger and said she wanted to watch animals all day and be able to take notes and learn about them her mother always said, "Jane, if you really want something, and if you work hard, take advantage of the opportunities, and never give up, you will somehow find a way." This ended up being
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