Jane Goodall's Hope For Animals And Their World

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"Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs." -Pearl Strachan. The author illustrates a strong advocate for animals, consequently uses words to persuade people moreover to see how much they matter in our life, therefore, it can give the reader some knowledge about the insects. The author is dedicated to her works that she spent the most of her time studying the creatures of Africa for an extensive amount of time because the critters benefit from the Earth but also give back.Jane uses powerful words to help the reader understand her point of view of how the critters on Earth are not only for eating but to protect to keep the human era living.
In the science essay Hope for Animals and their world, Jane Goodall uses the phrase “vast
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Bees allow plants to reproduce through pollination. These plants contribute to the food system by feeding animals,“Bee’s pollinate the vast majority of our food crops, and the current devastation of hives in North America and Europe is causing real anxiety”(20-23).If the bees were to become extinct it would be a catastrophe for the humans because our main food supply comes from the environments. She uses the keyword vast in that word phrase “Bees pollinate the vast majority of our food crops”(25-27).The vast has a strong connotative meaning moreover than huge. From the form to use well-rounded words to give the reader the impact that the author wants as in, the bees have a major role in the ecosystem and without them, our society will not be able to function.

In the science essay Hope for Animals and their world, Jane Goodall uses the phrases to illustrate a well-founded meaning of how the insects are not a critter to be scared of but to be thankful for. At times people are selfish and think about themselves and not about the world they live in. One of the reasons why people kill insects is because they feel
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