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Jane Long had a rough start of life but a great ending that changed the history of Texas for good. Jane Long was born on July 23, 1798 as the tenth child of her big family. Jane’s father, Capt. William Mackall, fought in the revolutionary war before she was born but died in 1799. In 1811 her mother, Ann Herbert Wilkinson, moved their family to Mississippi but died soon after in 1812 making Jane an orphan at age 14. After her mother 's death Jane moved in with her sister, Barbara, and it 's with them that she met James Long her future husband. James and Jane got met near natchez, Louisiana and got married on May 14, 1815 at age 17. A…show more content…
When James Long was in Texas he was captured in Monterrey Mexico and later died there, but Jane wouldn’t know till months later. When Jane heard of her husband 's death she moved her and her family to San Felipe and opened a fruitful boarding school. Many meetings took place at the boarding school and it is said the Stephen F. Austin delivered an amazing speech calling Texans to war. After Texas won independence from Mexico, Jane settled in Fort Bend County and opened another boarding house and a plantation. Jane’s Plantation was valued at over $10,000 in 1850, and by 1861 she had 19 slaves valued at $13,300 and about 2,000 acres. In 1870 Jane moved next door to her daughter Ann who married James S. Sullivan. Sadly Ann later died leaving the care of the grandchildren to Jane. Jane long had many admirers and would-be suitors, including famous texans like Ben Milam, William B. Travis, Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston and Mirabeau B. Lamar. She rejected everyone and died a widow of James Long. Jane died on December 30, 1880, at the home of her grandson, James E. Winston, and was buried in Morton Cemetery leaving an great, inspiring,

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