Jane Toppan And Genene Jones: Serial Killer

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When you think of a nurse you think of someone who wants to help. A nurse is a person who cares for those in ill. You may think every nurse is an angel of God but some are angels of death. Two women, Jane Toppan and Genene Jones weren’t the best of the best. These two women become serial killers and murdered their patients with poison. Jane Toppan was born in 1857, in Boston Massachusetts, she was born aka Honora Kelley. She was a serial killer while working in the medical field. She worked as a nurse for most of her life. Jane committed her crimes by injecting patients with morphine until they died. She was known as the “angel of death” also as the other killer nurse Genene Jones. She had confessed to 33 murders in the year of 1901.…show more content…
The first victim of the family was the mother Mrs. Mattie Davis. Next was the daughter who went to Jane for help after losing her mother. Jane may have given her an injection that made her sleep forever with her mother. Later on, Captain Alden Davis, passed away supposedly by a "massive stroke" but he indeed was also getting help by Jane. That left the last married daughter of the family, Mary Gibbs. She had also fell apart like the rest of her family. Once it hit the six-week mark, Mr. Gibbs ordered an autopsy, Jane tried her best to prevent it. Later on, the Cops got involved and found out that Mrs. Gibbs was poisoned with morphine and atropine. Jane finally gave up after her last victim and confessed. She later then confessed to her lawyer of the 31 murders she had made. She was declared insane and confirmed to a state institution. She died at eighty-four in 1938. Genene Ann Jones was born July 13, 1950. She was working as a pediatric nurse in Texas. Her talent was killing young children and or infants with poison. Genene and Jane were both known as “angel of death”. Most of the babies in her care died of cardiac arrest or runaway bleeding. The number of babies dying was racing from May to December in 1981. The actual number of children murdered by Genene is unknown but there is a summary of about 11 to 46. When the hospital realized that babies were dying, they
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