Janelle Boyle Research Paper

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Janelle Boyle is a loving, caring, and intelligent Mother of mine! Janelle was born in Fresno, CA. This means she is a Cali girl! So I interviewed her to find out more about my mom and to get to know her better. I asked her what her full name was and she said, “ my full name is Janelle Urien Boyle.” Her name Urien was her maiden name so she does not have a middle name. She has lived in Fresno, CA, Provo, UT. She also said that in California there are many races and religions. I then asked her to compare her childhood to today 's generation. She said, “Those stupid phones. I would get to my friends houses on my bike instead of accessing them on a cell phone.” She would go outside and do gymnastics, play in her pool, and play with her bunny rabbits outside…show more content…
She only had 7th and 8th grade in her middle school so it was a lot smaller that it is now. “We only had an orchestra, crafts class, and a home EC class.” “We would have a school dance almost every month. All the girls would get to the bathroom after 7th period and spray our hair and put on makeup.” Then after dances, they would get a quarter and call their parents on the wall phone. Some people that influenced Janelle’s life is her Mom, “she was always so kind and really made me who I am today.” Michael Jackson, “he was what we all listened to in my highschool years.” My friends, “they really shaped my attitude and who I am today.” Her first job was at her dad’s optometry office. “ I worked there over the summer and made ok money for the times I would go out with my friends.” A few of her other jobs were in college. She worked for her school 's catering business. “ We would cater for all of the dances.” But now she works as a collin county probation officer. She is most proud of her kids, her high school and college graduation. Janelle was asked, “what regrets do you have?” She said, “ I could’ve maybe gone to beauty school to cut people 's
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