Jane's Informative Speech: Childhood Adoption

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There’s a little child and her name is Jane. Jane is five years old and she is an energetic ball of energy. She wakes up in the morning and runs to her parents room to wake them up for breakfast. It’s her first day of kindergarten and she's excited, about all the things she gets to learn, and the new friends she’s going to make. Her parents drop her off at school with her lunch bag and tell her they love her. Jane’s life changed before she knew it, but not for having her first day of school like most children. Jane’s life changed because, she was privileged. Jane life changed because she was adopted. However, not every child's life can be like Jane's’ and for those who aren’t like her and her parents, there is a long unforgiving process…show more content…
I researched my topic, within the last week.My speech will focus on how adoption laws, being as strict as they are, leaves too many children in the foster system, leaves perspective parent unknowlageable of opportunities , and how this can be harmful the child…show more content…
The Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics say,”These problems can have tragic and costly sequelae, including frequent placement failures, academic difficulties, increased high school dropout rates, and later delinquency.”
IV. These problems that adoption laws have, cannot be resolved until our community takes action for the future.
Imagine in the future, where you don't have to advertise to get a child a home, and the every adoptive home received a tax break. Adults looking to adopt, and will be more aware of the different options they have to adopt.
In the future, the government pays social workers a higher rate , as an incentive to recruit more people in the field to take on more cases. The child orphanage and foster home rates would drop and more children could get a home.
To summarize, I have just discussed problems with adoption laws and why they should be more lenient. I am going to pass around a petition saying that adoption laws should be more lenient, and asking you to take the first step of helping a child find a home. Remember, some child in this world just wants to be a plain
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