Janet Jones: A Short Story

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Janet Jones is fifty-four years old and lives in a one bedroom house in small town, Louisville. With no kids,husband and no family. Janet worked at a school named Rydell Middle School as a cafeteria worker. She didn’t like her job, I mean who would? They get paid minimum wage, the kids are disrespectful, and she really didn’t like her bosses. She was at school 5 minutes before lunch she had lunch almost ready. She finished right before the bell rang for lunch, it was chicken patty with a side of salad. All the kids were mean and selfish, but it was just like any normal day. She was so tired of her job it just broke her down. “Man,” she said with just a little bit of sorrow for herself, “another bad day” she said as she was making dinner,…show more content…
She had her plan all figured out, how evil. She was the only lunch lady unless she had kids help her. She wanted to work alone that day. First she would bring the poison called cyanide poison put it in the Sloppy Joe and mix it, and serve lunch and Janet will pretend to be scared and help all the kids. She was going to blame it on the company who they order food from, and parents will be maybe even sue the school. At 10:00 P.M. she started making lunch. She had them all finished by lunch. The bell rings... Kids rush to get first and line, pushing and screaming. All she sees is kids in line, getting food, and eating. She was feeling excitement,she knew what she was doing was very, very terrible. Janet was basically psycho by this point. Cyanide takes up to 20 minutes to kill you, everyone will be sitting down before anything with start to happen. Maybe 30 has passed and nothing happened. The kids started feeling ill, but did not die. She didn’t realize how much you are supposed to mix in. What she also didn’t know is the cafeteria had hidden cameras. Janet didn’t know how much she messed up.She was too focused too much on the kids, she got a call later on that night from the principal telling her that they need to talk in the morning. The principal’s name was Mr.Morales, that morning she went to the office and sat down. “Hello Janet” he said, “was it you?” “What are you talking about?” Janet said, a little bit nervous. “Did you try poisoning the kids?” He said very irritated. Janet said no, but she still didn’t know about the hidden cameras. “We have pictures of you putting cyanide in lunch food.” Janet didn’t respond, she wasn’t really scared of what’s going to happen. I mean she had problems that have came back. Mr. Morales has looked at Janet’s history records, which were really bad. Janet finally confessed that it was her. She will be sentenced 20 years to life

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