Janette Morinio Case Study

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In 25th of October, 1995 middle of the night Janette Morinio has started feeling very bad, she was screaming really hard out of the pain she was feeling.
Her neighbors have heard her scream then called the emergency ambulance to come get her.
She was immediately sent to the Emergency Center, at that time she was pregnant for about 8months.
Certain checks were done to Janette, she had to go through an operation because the fetus inside her had to be born.
At that night, Janette was put to sleep using drugs.
Next day, 26th of October, 1995.
Janette has been sent into the operation center to get the fetus out.
In the middle of the operation, Janett 's heart stopped beating.
However at that time John was already born, sadly his mother passed.

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