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Janice Green was a wife, mother, and community organizer in Perry County, Alabama. Right now she is an inmate sentenced to 37 years in Prison. This narrative is an attempt to explain the story as it was collected from a variety of sources, such as witness interviews, family interviews, released statements, legal sources and good old fashioned research. As I understand it, here is how they hemmed up Janice Green. In March 2013, there was a family dispute between Janice Green and her cousin Christopher Cannon. Janice was not pleased with his alleged illegal activities, and Christopher was not the kind of guy that would just back down from an argument. First, he beat up Janice 's daughter Selena Ford 's car. Second, he shot at Janice 's son.…show more content…
When the police identified themselves, Janice came out of the bathroom with her hands up asking if she could please put clothes on. This case went straight to federal court. During the trial, Christopher admitted that he had made up the allegations. He even served as a witness for Janice 's Defense. Janice 's lawyer also provided evidence that Christopher was in Florida at the time he said he overheard Janice 's conversation in Perry County. Still, the trial went on. Another key witness for Janice 's defense was the Sheriff 's office. Law enforcement had even failed to give the sheriff 's office a courtesy call stating that they were coming. The local authorities were sure if Janice Green had known it was the police she would have turned herself in without a problem. Despite her tax felony, Janice had a great rapport with local law enforcement. Every year, Janice partnered with her church New Pentecostal Church to organize and sponsor a "Law Enforcement Day" where she would cook and feed all of the law enforcement personnel and their supportive services…show more content…
And that is how they hemmed Janice Green up with a no knock warrant. During the course of Janice 's cases, there were at least 2 judges that had to step down. Activists say her arrest, conviction and sentence were all politically motivated. I don 't know what to think about that. This story is stranger than fiction, and had I not spoken to so many credible sources to back up my interpretation of the story I wouldn 't have believed it myself. However, the some of the documents are public record. The links in this article also confirm several parts of the story. While we wait for results of Janice 's appeal for a new trial, I will keep you posted on her story. The main thing I see here is how the no knock warrant is affecting the lives of innocent Americans. A 19 month old had most of his nose blasted off his face when a Georgia SWAT team burst in and tossed a flash bang grenade into his playpen. The grenade collapsed his left lung and tore his face and the rest of his body down to muscle and bone. Law enforcement found no drugs in the house. A seven-year old in Detroit was shot in the head during a no knock warrant. Law enforcement had entered the wrong house in that case too. Think about David Hooks; he was the 34th person to die in 2014 during a no knock warrant. Check out these interesting facts

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