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Every human being should have a hero. Many people view heroes as a fictional cartoon character. For younger kids, Spiderman is their hero. People don’t need super strength nor super speed to be a hero. A hero is someone who changes a person life for the better. A hero inspires people. Janice Kidd is a hero because, she is a hard-working educator, she motivates people, and she is active in her community. What really makes Janice Kidd a hero, is her hard work as an educator. Some people look at educators as babysitters. Being an educator takes a lot of hard work. Janice Kidd is a prime example of a hard-working educator. She works hard at everything she does. She always put forth her best effort to get things done. Unlike other educators, she…show more content…
It causes a person to want to give up. In a situation like this, all a person need is someone to motivate them. Janice Kidd motivates people to do their best in life. She is a person that is not afraid to take risks. Even in a negative situation, she motivates a person to think positive. As she would say, “Being positive in a negative situation is not naïve, It’s leadership”. Even though she is a motivator, she is also very active in her community. In this day of time, most rural communities lack active residents. A person that is active in their community should be honored. Mrs. Kidd reaches out to the people in her community. She started a program called “The H.E.L.P”. This program was designed to feed the elderly people in her community. She volunteers at the Community Center. In her community, she communicates well with others. She gives everyone a chance to let their opinions be heard. She also sponsors activities for the youths in her community. A hero doesn’t have to be someone with all kinds of super powers. Heroes are just ordinary people, who makes themselves extraordinary. A hero makes people better. It doesn’t take a lot for a person to be considered a hero. If a person works hard, motivate people to do their best, and is involved in their community, they are considered a hero. Every hero should have an positive impact on a person

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