Janie By Zora Neale Character Analysis

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Sometimes in life, well a lot of times in life, people in general are going to hate. You have racism, black on black crime, and just haters period. Other people like to bring others down just because they day isn’t going as plan, so they rain on everyone else’s day. Colored folks blame white folks for a lot of the problems going on today. When some of the time, the colored folks are the ones who don’t know how to act. There is always going to be that one person who will ruin your day, just because you’re just you. Haters feel like they have to be better than you, and even if they are, they’re still going to hate. Just because they feel they have to compete with you, out do you, or just envy you. Janie was held back on a lot of her life just because she was trying to live her life for someone else, and she made a decision that her grandmother wanted her to do. She married a man that her grandmother introduces her to, not by choice, her grandmother thought that was the best bet for her. Janie first husband…show more content…
Killicks, and married a man name Joe Starks. Thinking everything would be different, it got worst. Janie was actually in love with her new husband, but as they got further into the marriage, Joe started acting different. Joe seen that Amos Hicks was playing in Janie’s hair, and he made Janie wear a hair wrap. Joe was giving his mayor speech, and afterwards the crowd asked for a few words from the first lady. Joe interrupted her before she even got to speak, telling the crowd she doesn’t need to say no speech; he didn’t marry her for that. Janie then recognized she was not in control of herself; she was in it for someone else. There are many haters around today that it’s ridiculous. Haters should be your motivators, not the people who put you down or try to make you feel bad about yourself. If someone is trying to run, control, or just hating on you period, without you doing anything at all to them, that mean you’re doing something
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