Janie Pride And Prejudice Quotes And Analysis

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In this novel janie’s 3 marriages differ from one another. Janie goes through a lot in eat of them and they all endure traumatic times in the time frame of their relationship. Janie’s first relationship first starts off with a man named Logan. This first relationship was traumatic and yet a little confusing for her. Janie got together with Logan for her grandmother 's wishes. Her grandmother was slowly dieing and she wanted janie to be with logan so she knows that when she leaves this earth janie will be okay.This then caused janie to feel some type of guilt due to her dying grandmother 's last wishes. Logan would also treat janie horribly and do things that were uncalled for. Janie letter ten divorced logan. While on the other hand, janie 's seconds marriage was to a man named Jody, she had gotten together with him because he had emphasized to janie that he would treat her way better that Logan was previously treating her like. As time passed jody began to be more and…show more content…
Janie now as a widow, evolves into another relationship with a man named Tea Cake. Tea Cake shows janie that he really cares about her and doesn 't seem like the other men. With janie 's track record, she told herself that she wouldn 't end up in the same situation as she once was in.Although janie 's friends and her close family told her to just stay away from him because they didn 't want to see her go through something else all over again.But janie decides to ignore all of their concerns so, Tea Cake and Janie latter decide to get married. Later, Tea Cake grows “jealous” and decides to beat on Janie to demonstrate that he still owns her. The similarities between all of these relationships, is that they all told janie that they would always treat her how a woman should be treated. While some did this in all aspects they all seemed to turn back on their “promises” by treating jaine like she’s their little girl. While on the other hand, they all seemed to do things a little differently from one
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