Their Eyes Were Watching God Reflective Essay

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In order for a person to become a strong and developed individual, they have to meet the wrong people first and learn from their mistakes. People develop at different times from different experiences in their lives, but those different times and journeys are what make an individual unique. A young girl named Janie comes further than the world would’ve seen over many years due to meeting the wrong people. The unfortunate events she experienced only lead her to the development of herself as a woman later in her life. Janie starts off her life with a curveball getting married at a young age and from their on learns to dodge any obstacle thrown her way. Throughout her journey, Janie learns valuable lessons, and realizes how a person is supposed…show more content…
Logan Killicks was just the beginning for Janie, leaving her with the realization she first developed herself as a woman with him. Joe Starks gave her only what she had thought was love. Janie was left in a dark place until she developed the courage in regards to standing up for herself, and voicing her opinion to Joe. Joe’s death later in the novel, was a door opening for Janie. She could be free of the pain and continue her development as a woman through courage. Tea Cake may have been her final stage in the novel, but he sure wouldn’t be her last. He taught her what love and devotion was. And even though Janie had to be hurt by different personalities and individuals to find her identity, she overcame the curveballs thrown at her. Janie led herself to the most important accomplishment in her life, which was finding the strength, courage, and love within herself, in order to obtain her freedom and independent development as a woman. For that, Janie only needed the mistakes she overcame in her life to develop as a woman, because in order to overcome a curveball, you have to take a swing
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