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Opening Paragraph Janine Shepherd is not only an inspiration, but she has also proven people wrong. Hit by a truck she had several injuries and was diagnosed partial paraplegic, meaning she was most likely not to be able to walk again. Years after her accident the ability of walking came back to her and she became known not for walking but for her accomplishments. Janine Shepherd faced many challenges, but overcame them and proved people wrong and inspired others with her books and her plane flying ability.

Janine Shepherd was an elite athlete, but that changed when she was hit by a utility truck. Janine Shepherd had many severe injuries after her incident, including a broken neck and her back was broken in six places, broken collarbone, five broken ribs, broken arm, broken bones in her feet, head injuries, internal injuries, and massive blood loss. Overcoming her challenges was hard for her because she was told by her doctor that she wasn’t going to be able to do the things she did before because she was partial
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Janine Shepherd is an inspiration to people all over the world, including other people who have their own personal tragedies (“Champion for a cause,” 1998). Janine’s books help inspire people to never give up and she knows that it is possible to overcome challenges because she overcame her challenges. Where am I going? And who am I going with? questions stated by Howard Thurman are questions in which Janine Shepherd says putting them in the wrong order will get you are in trouble. By her understanding she uses it to help other people by helping them find their own inner “compass”. By helping find their inner “compass” she means helping them find who they are. She also says that we must not only take on challenges, but learn to love them and once you do that anything is possible ( Shepherd,

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