Janie's Wife Chapter Summaries

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This chapter gives background history about Janie family and lifestyle. Janie never met her mother and father. She was raised by her grandmother called Nanny. Janie and her grandmother lived in a house in a backyard of Mr. and Mrs. Washburn a white couple. Janie never had friends to play with, so she decided to play with Mr. and Mrs. Washburn children. She always believed she white until she saw a photograph of herself. I was shocked because how could she not know that she was black, her parents are black, But she was a little girl she couldn’t. Janie was bullied because she lives in a white couple backyard. I was stunned when I read this because I did not know that bullying occurred around the 1800’s and stilling happened today. Nanny believed…show more content…
Nanny decided to marry Janie off to Logan Killicks, a wealthy farmer because she caught Janie kissing a local boy named Johnny Taylor. I got mad at Nanny because she decided to sell her off just because she kissed a boy. Janie should be allowed to kiss anyone, But I understand because around 1800’s that was a common thing. In the middle of the chapter, Nanny recounts the time she was a slave and how miserable it was. It also gives a glimpse of slavery and the torture the slaves been though. Nanny was raped by her master, a week after her daughter Leafy. Leafy is Janie mother and Nanny daughter. Once the master wife found out about the affair, she threatened to viciously whipped and sell Leafy one she was a month old. I got furious because It was not Nanny fault she got raped. The master should get punish by his wealth not Nanny. Later on Nanny escaped with her baby to his in the swamps until wave is over. Afterwards when Leafy was seventeen, she ended up raped by her school teacher and got pregnant. I thank god slavery ended because that is not right what the teacher did to her, now she has that terrible memory scar for life. After giving birth she became alcoholic and eventually ran away. I believe she become alcoholic because of what happen to her made her became depressed and stressed, alcohol was the only way to calm down and forget about everything. Nanny transformed her hopes to
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