Jan's Story By Barry Peterson Summary

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Jan’s Story Book Review In this captivating book about a true story, Barry Peterson tells his experience as a caregiver for his loving wife, Jan. He tells of their seemingly perfect life together and how Jan’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s changed both of their lives before his eyes. He tells the story in the stages of Alzheimer’s that Jan goes through. During this he flashes back to life before diagnosis and before major symptoms. He compares how their life changes. Through each stage he points out the adjustments that need to be made in order to accommodate Jan. For example, making a written schedule in the beginning and eventually hiring a live-in caretaker to help Jan when Barry couldn’t. Jan was diagnosed at the early age of 55 in 2005. Jan’s disease takes an enormous toll on Barry’s mental and physical health. He had to make many important decisions concerning Jan while he was at the same time losing his wife. Many people disagreed with decisions he made which also made it hard on him. He became so extremely stressed and even suicidal it compromised his physical health as well. He became so focused on caring for Jan, he forgot to care for himself. Jan’s disease, as known, leads to death in the end after being put in a full time care facility.…show more content…
This book is honest and well written. I would also recommend this for people who want to get a broad perspective on the ways Occupational Therapy can be utilized. The plot of Jan’s Story is a tragedy, but this also brings out the importance of the little things in life that can so easily be taken away. The only downside to this book is Barry focuses mainly on the negatives of his life with Jan. If someone were to read this book to get a view on Alzheimer’s I believe this would not be a good sole source to consider; however, it is very real and a reliable first hand
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