Jaouda Case Study

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Jaouda was founded in 1997 in Taroudant, started industrialization in 1999 with 84 different products produced due to a certain successful strategy. From 12500 farmers, who were only 21 farmers at the very beginning, 112 persons are members of the company responsible for milk and juice production. The story of Jaouda started when Copag was first created in Taroudant in 1987 under the control of Hajj Ahmed Taoufik and M’hamed Loultiti. The first goal of those two farmers was to sell milk in the region in forms of sachets and yogurt in small cups. Then, the business have grown step by step to be what it is today.
Jaouda operates in the dairy industry. There are six types of dairy institutions in Morocco. However, only three are active which are:
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The company’s mission is to ‘ Develop innovating and good-quality milk that meet the expectation of current and future customers and ensure socio-economic development of the rural-region of the Souss in the south of Morocco’. Its position is ‘Jaouda c’est bon’.
 The marketing mix:
• Product: products of high quality and attractive packaging.
• Price: suitable and affordable prices.
• Place: available, high distribution.
• Promotion: Advertising, taste marketing, communication of the products.
Jaouda hires 3600 employees including 20 product managers within the marketing department. The company target the psychographic, demographic, and geographic segmentation.
 SWOT analysis:
• Strengths: new production unit, production of diverse goods, high number of distribution stores, competent employees, high quality of input, high daily production, high market share, and good equipment.
• Opportunities: Partnerships with other brands, the company’s limitation to the Souss region before 2008.
• Weaknesses: Taxes, more demand than supply, no effective advertising, the unattractiveness of Souss region, and high costs of transportation.
• Threats: competitors (Central Laitiere), economic crisis especially in the dairy

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