Japan American Culture Essay

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Traveling to foreign lands in the minds of many can be considered an exciting and appealing thought. People have always been captivated by travel and experiencing new cultures outside of the United States and it is through those experiences with new people and societies we can broaden our knowledge of the world. There is one country in particular that is overflowing with culture and beauty, Japan. Japan is very distinct from anywhere else and has a certain charm to it that exist nowhere else. Technology is a valuable part of day to day living, created to establish a more efficient life. No other country gets that statement quite as much as Japan. The technological advancements of Japan are incredible and very innovative for a society. With inventions like the Bullet train which has become a prevalent method of transportation for Japanese citizens. Japan has created a large market from Vending machines. You can acquire many necessities from vending machine systems, there Like rice, umbrellas, or even things like hot soup. This allows peoples’ productively to flourish since they would have otherwise wasted time in restaurants or store lines. Although,…show more content…
The food there are very distinct from our usual cuisine. They tend to focus on foods that come in bite size pieces, which is why sushi and rice are so popular. They also have large quantities of foods with noodles and compact bits of meat as well, beef Udon is one example. Although, many Americans seek out Japanese food because of the spices and sauce they use. They have a wide variety of sweet and sour dishes that cannot quite be replicated by other cultures. Each dish has its own special and unique mouth watering taste, unlike American food which sometimes can be bland and dull. The desserts they eat have equally as much flavor as their food, if not more. Pastry style desserts are very popular in Japan, with each being smothered in a different type of sweet sauce or powder

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