Japan And The Goddess Of Love Of The Philippines

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This essay is a comparison of the goddess of love of Japan and the goddess of love of the Philippines. First is Benzaiten the goddess of everything that flows such as love, eloquence, language, wisdom, knowledge, arts, music, good fortune, water, and the sea ( She is the goddess of love of Japan. According to a website (, Benzaiten was originally a sea goddess or water goddess wherein most of her shrines or images are located near the sea. And for those who honored her receives inspiration, talent, wealth, and romance. In addition, as stated by the website Japanese Goddess Names, Benzaiten is mostly known or called as Benten, but some calls her as Benzai-Tennyo or Benzaiten. Second, is Maria Makiling the goddess of love, pregnancy, childbirth, peace among the ancient Tagalogs, and the protector of lovers (Wikipilipinas). She is the goddess of love in the Philippines. Before the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, Maria Makiling was called as Dian Masalanta, but when the Catholic Churches attempted to Christianize the Filipinos it resulted in changing the worship of the Filipino people to the Eternal Beings. Since then, the Filipino people were convinced by the Spaniards that Maria Makiling is not a goddess, but a fairy protector of Mt. Makiling (TheUnicornPal). Furthermore, this comparative essay will discuss on the similarities and differences of the goddesses of love of Japan and of the Philippines. This essay contains four
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