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\section{History and culture of Japan}

Japan is an Asian country in the eastern part of Asia. This country is made out of 6828 islands. The most important islands of Japan are: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu (Figure \ref{map}). The capital of Japan is Tokyo. Japan, was ranked third (after the US and china) powerful economy in the world. This country has a very limited resources and most of it's islands are volcanic or full of mountains. But, investing on advanced technologies, made Japan one of the biggest leaders in industry and technology in the world.
\caption{Japan on map \cite{map}.}\label{map}
Japan, at 2010, had a very great economy. However, in the last three months of 2010, the economic growth of Japan was negative (-1.3),
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It is very important to know why someone invests in selling products in a special place. What makes it special? It is clear the importance of investigation and having good knowledge on the targeted market. It is important to know about the capacities of the market, about people's income, about prices and benefits, about buying and selling habits and etc.
Japan in known as a great target for intentional marketeers. It has a unique and ethnically culture willing to expand the market and collaborate. It has one of the strongest and largest economies and it's market is considered amongst the world's top markets. The technololgy aspect and it's well-known technology and infrastructure makes Japan a very unique and special country. Also after so many successful international marketing projects in Japan, it is clear that Japanese people are willing to spend and their purchasing power is also supporting them.
Their culture is based on the principle of collectivism where the smallest social unit is a family. They priorities are mainly the group they belong

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