Japan Diplomacy Case Study

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PRELIMINARY Diplomacy and the role of state leaders became important to the country today. Each country negotiated with other countries to achieve its national interests. It also committed to diplomacy with Japan Indonesia cooperate in various sectors to meet their respective interests and maintaining good relations between countries. Indonesia has a specific entry on any cooperation by involving other countries in either bilaterally, multilaterally to universal. There is no exception with the relationship of Indonesia and Japan that are already quite long partnership in various fields. In the relationship with Japan, although Indonesia had become possessions to Japan, as the time goes by Indonesia and Japan find peace and establish bilateral cooperation for the sake of maintaining good diplomatic relations. Indonesia needs Japan and vice versa to helps Indonesia. Various sectors of cooperation have been running by Indonesia and Japan both in the fields of economy, trade, education, as well as cultural even culture. Japan is currently a country in Asia which quickly become one of the Asian Tigers such as China. The fact that Japan has a very good financial management gives a chance of profit and helps Indonesia in its construction. The two countries have always held intensive bilateral communication, this has proved when…show more content…
In a meeting yesterday, the two countries discussed the relationship of the political, economic, social and cultural leading. The delegation of Indonesia through President Jokowi focusing communications on sectors of the economy. This has response positively by Japan with the 30 major of CEO bringing his country to undertake a State visit to Indonesia. Different backgrounds such as banking, industrial agriculture, property, energy, manufacturing, infrastructure brought directly in order to later expected to be interested to cooperate and invest in

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