Japan Population Problems

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1) Allen, G. (2011). Modern Japan and its problems. 1st ed. London: Routledge.
Proposed sections to be utilized: Ch.7 The Population Problem
Brief synopsis: The book talks about problems that arose in Japan in the 1900s. It was written by a Japanese teacher living in that era.
Reason for inclusion: Our group can use some of the demography of Japan in the 1900s to show the seriousness of the population crisis. It is also possible to identify some changes that may have contributed to the population crisis.

2) Bengtson, V. (2000). Aging in East and West. 1st ed. New York, NY: Springer Pub. Co.
Proposed sections to be utilized: Ch.5 Japan: Hyper-aging and Its Policy Implications / Hiroshi Kojima
Brief synopsis: The book compares and analyse
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There is emphasis of effective policy in response to early stages of ageing population to lessen effects.
Reason for inclusion: The book offers us a chance to look at economic and policy implications of ageing population. There are also chapters on retirement policies and health care spending in Japan, which is quite relevant for us in talking about economic and social implications of ageing population
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and Lu¨tzeler, R. (2011). Imploding populations in Japan and Germany. 1st ed. Leiden: Brill.
Proposed sections to be utilized: Economic Globalization and Changes in Family Formation As The Cause Of Very Low Fertility in Japan (pg 97-114), Income Inequality In A Rapidly Ageing Society, Japan: Focusing on Transformations In The Structure Of Households With Elderly (pg 115-140), Ageing Societies: Present Challenges And Models For The Future (pg 141-148), Japanese Family Policies In Comparative Perspective (pg 149-174), Child Care And Work-Life Balance In Low-Fertility Japan (pg 203-228), Actors Of Social Policy Making In Japan: A Look At The Individual Level (pg 229-246), Business Implications Of Demographic Change In Japan: Chances And Challenges For Human Resource And Marketing Management (pg 267-294)
Brief synopsis: The book discusses on the implications arising from low birth rate and population decline for Japan and Germany. Comparison with other countries are also included. There are mentions of some other countries who will be experiencing the same ageing problem in the near future.
Reason for inclusion: Our group wishes to look into issues being discussed and analysed in the book, such as social ageing, family policies, family formation

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