Japanese Americans During Ww2 Analysis

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President Roosevelt approved several orders and committees that specifically targeted Japanese Americans on the West Coast, while war propaganda was created to instill fear and hatred of the Japanese in the American people. World War II not only exacerbated the racial tension within the American people, but also excused the racist actions taken by American government against the Japanese Americans, as the Americans then prided themselves for fighting in the “good war”. War time propaganda was used to influence the American people psychologically in order to alter their social perceptions of the Japanese, as America considered Japan to be their number one enemy.The posters during the this time were used as a fear tactic, as well as a way to…show more content…
Even though the government could not find a significant amount of evidence to suggest that the Japanese Americans were aiding Japan in the war the government and the population was fearful and demanded that the Japanese Americans be interned. Many of the Japanese Americans were American citizens born in the country, and those who did not have citizenship had work visa (FIND RIGHT SAYING). Despite the overwhelming evidence that contradicted the American belief that Japanese Americans were dangerous they were still forced into the internment camps. On March 18, 1942 President Roosevelt signed another executive order, which created the War Relocation Authority, also known as the WRA. The new agency was directed to cooperate with the War Department to relocate and provide work opportunities to the evacuated Japanese Americans. The WRA was in charge of finding land to build the camps; the areas were designated as military property and were protected by military police. A few of the camps were located on Native American reservations; however, the Native Americans were not consulted or
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