Japanese Americans In The Munson Report

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WWll started on 10/1/1939. The main enemies were the Germans and the Japanese. The Germans wanted all the Jews to die and to also wanted to expand their country and the Japanese wanted to expand their country as well. On December 7th, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor caused Japanese Americans to face discrimination. They were viewed as spies and suspicious. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were sent to one of 10 internment camps. Japanese Americans should receive reparations from the U.S. government because it was unfair what happened to them during WWII. Life for Japanese Americans in the camps was bad. Quote from Tetsuzo : “5 strands of barbed wire!”…show more content…
In the Munson Report, the author writes, “In each Naval District there are about 250 to 300 suspects under surveillance. It is easy to get on the suspect list.” It was unfair to put 100,000 Japanese Americans into prison camps when there was on 300 actual suspects because, Not all Japanese people are like that. A Lot of Japanese people were just regular people and they don’t need to be treated like that. In the Crisis, it states that, “Color seems to be the only possible reason why thousands of American citizens of Japanese ancestry are in concentration camps.” This shows that Americans were racist against Japanese. Everyone should be equal even if there skin color are different. It’s just different color! Deal with it!! The German Americans and The Italian Americans was not put into camps because their white. That show how racist people are! In the Justice Denied Report, the author writes, “ Widespread ignorance of Japanese Americans contributed to a policy conceived in haste and executed in an atmosphere of fear and anger at Japan.” This shows that Americans were scared of Japanese Americans and they were placed in camps because of this fear. Japan did bomb USA in WWll, but Japanese americans had nothing to do with it, it was their government 's decisions not theirs. Even known that there was no spies we should still be scared. By scared i don’t mean to lock up Japaneses like what the U.S. did in
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