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Tokyo 's Best Cake Shops: Sweet Satisfaction
As you stare into the display case, spellbound at the dazzling pastry and cake perfection, you could think this was Paris, not Japan. Overwhelmed with what appears to be the winner in the World’s best cake shop competition just try and choose one of these tasty treats. You will need to choose something soon as the line behind you is long. Just point to one, then another cake slice knowing the employee probably doesn’t speak English. With your baked treasures wrapped as if for a Christmas gift gently cradle the treats for the voyage back to the hotel room for the ensuing attack. This dessert is going to be great!

I was attracted to the gorgeous displays of cakes at shops in train stations and throughout Tokyo from my very first trip to Japan. Over the course of nine visits to the land
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From there the story takes an interesting turn. In the early part of the 19th Century, Japan held up to 5,000 Germans captured in Japan-held China as prisoners of war. One of these Germans, Karl Juchheim had owned a cake shop in China and was asked to bake his cakes while captive in Japan’s Ninoshima Island around 1919. Karl’s Baumkuchen cakes were a big hit. After the war, Karl stayed in Japan to spread his tasty cakes near and far. You can still find his Baumkuchen, specialty cake at Juchheim’s main store in Kobe.

Where are the best cakes and treats
Nowadays, the thing about Japanese cakes is they seem to have a level of perfection that surpasses even the French and other Europeans efforts! Like the French, the Japanese cakes contain less sugar than those found in most North American cake shops. With less sugar, the cakes have to be packed with natural flavor to make up for their lower sugar content. This list of favorite cake shops focuses on these talented bakers making the grade in both looks and

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