Japanese Cultural Analysis Essay

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Japan as business destination
This report is about the business cultural analysis of Japan. The Japanese culture is very complex, they have seven major elements of their cultural are their communication, languages, religion, ethics, attitudes, manners and social structures. If we wish to conduct a business in Japan, we must understand what the major elements of the Japanese culture. We also need to know on how the Japanese conduct their business. If we conduct businesses and we fail to make them understand or fail to make any appropriate adjustments, we might unwillingly offend them without noticing it.
In Japan, communication can be very complex. Spoken words can have many different meanings; that why both non-verbal and verbal communication is very important for us. Non-verbal communication is important it is because it can be interpreted in many different ways. Even one small expression can change the meaning of what is being said. Example when
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Normally a Singaporeans greeting is looking at the person eyes and having a firm handshake. The Japanese greeting is lowering their eyes and bows the person with a firm handshake. Some Japanese they are aware of our handshake, so they will only greet us with a normal handshake but often to be a weak handshake. In Singapore to achieve high position in the company we have to base on our education and hard work but to the Japanese their age is equal to their rank. Both country use same professional title in formal situations, for us Singaporean we use Mr and Mrs, but for Japanese there use the word San as Mr and Mrs. Exchanging of business cards is common in both culture, as we Singapore business men we should prepare our business cards both side is printed in English and Japanese. If we received from the Japanese we should take our time to read the card and should not just keep it in our

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