Japanese And American Culture Analysis

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I have had the wonder of working outside the Continental United States. I was able to experience a culture that others could only dream of. I have worked for both American and Japanese corporations and I believe the two differ from one another by light years. In the world of business, and in my own personal experience, it is widely recognized that Japanese and American styles of business management practice differ broadly across the range of supervisory style, decision-making, communications, management controls, and interdepartmental relations. With all of these specific distinctions that are rooted in the contrast between Japanese paternalism, which has at some points been characterized as giving rise to "industrial feudalism,"…show more content…
587), "Americans and Japanese conceive of business management very differently from each other and have a striking different conception of themselves as a manager and of correct management practices." The impact of cultural influence on management styles cannot be underestimated in today's global business environment and an increasing number of multinational operations in the U.S. owned by the Japanese. There are plenty of cultural factors that account for many of the differences between U.S. and Japanese management practices. Many of these differences come from a cultural environment that promote different values and ways of thinking. In the West (U.S.) and Japan (Asia), these values and ways of thinking are caused by cultural differences. One being the American who can be described as being an individual, and second, the Japanese who work as a group to collectively produce…show more content…
In America the work week is standardized as a 40 hour work week. While in Japan the normal work week is 60 hours. This is, in my opinion, what drives the high suicide rate in the country. While we as Americans look at the Japanese with admiration and awe for being extremely devoted and hard working. We fail to see how taxing that is until we are thrust into that environment. I have personally become a better person by being a manager both in America and Japan. I have been able to take aspects of both and form a better understanding for business as a whole. In conclusion, the difference between the two cultures may be a lot but Japanese and American businesses have profited greatly from integrating the management styles of both countries in their business. While I can honestly say that working for Japanese business was far more taxing physically, whereas working for an American company I have found to be more mentally taxing. I would recommend if possible that an individual experience both if you are pursuing a career in business, as this will greatly improve you as a

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