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Japan is a country well known for its fashion style and its very extreme and unusual looking fashion styles. Each one is very diverse and usual from the other. Japan, as the most homogenous country in the world, has a growing amount of youth subcultures, as some of them are really popular and growing in amount that conflicts the homogenous nature in japan. I am a person very much intrigued in fashion and I have always noticed some Asians who attended runways shows have this particular bizarre type of style, and I always wondered why do they dress so differently. When I dug a little more deep into it I found out that there are almost 28 different styles and each one is very diverse from the other. So I thought
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Some of the Japanese street styles include the Ganguro girls, in whom they are heavily tanned and have blond hair and have very extreme and vibrant makeup along with clothes, and more of hip-hop American inspired style. On the other hand we have the Lolita in which they wear very old style that include Victorian age, and they are divided into several types which are the gothic Lolita and the sweet Lolita. As for the most important and most well known is the Japanese cute culture which very popular around japan. These styles can bring about to a few clashes, as first it may draw a lot of attention to the parents child, or it can conflict with nationalism and Japanese identity, it can likewise strife with laws or social principles, and finally with the Japanese filial piety which is respecting the father grand parents and the elderly. My topic is to try and identify and analyze the psychology and sociology behind it, as it must have certain rationale behind it. What does the society think of it and how do they react? Why is it so appealing? Does it only appeal to youth culture or not? And finally why is it so…show more content…
It is inspired by the Victorian age in Europe. Since the 80s the number of people styling this way are increase in number and they have evolved in different types like the gothic Lolita in which is very dark and edgy looking, and the other type is called the cute Lolita in which is very cute looking with very light colors and a bit child looking. Ganguro: this is also a particular style of clothing that evolved in the 1990s, after the rise of African American hip-hop music and rap. And it is very American inspired, where they are very immensely tanned and have blond hair and very vibrant make up, with a very urban style of clothing. Ganuro in Japanese means black face. They share a similar look of the Japanese folklore of ghosts and demons. They had their peek a decade after it was first evolved but then eventually its popularity is deceasing a bit by time. Kogal: in Japanese’s it’s Kayaguro, which means high school gals. This trend started a bit before the Ganguro. Their style is basically dressing like high school girls by wearing short skirts and knee high socks, and they are not necessarily students they’re imitating a school uniform. Some represent they typical Japanese schoolgirl. Some are inspired by the American style especially California, like American valley girls. So they are a bit suntanned, but as extreme as the Ganguro most of them die their brown and some die it blonde. Kawaii/Cuties:
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