Japanese Fashion Subculture And Pop Culture

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popup merchandise store worldwide, after gaining a huge number of otaku fans, they then decided to move forward to the mainstream music industry spreading the Japanese idol pop music culture and the otaku culture worldwide. Today the otaku idol music and musical culture have been well developed around the world, for instance a Japanese café called Uncle Tetsu have also recently opened up its café/theater in Sydney this year, featuring a group of Japanese idol performing every Friday night with anime clothing and otaku idol music, besides the term ‘Otaku’ is not only used by the Japanese societies nowadays but also by Caucasian, according to urban dictionary an English term ‘Weeaboo’ which rapidly used by the West, is define as “someone who is obsessed with Japanese anime and attempts to act as Japanese”, as we can also realize that the otaku culture and musical culture are developing globally with a number of anime shows, and events that continually happen every year internationally. Relationship between Japanese Fashion Subculture and Music Culture: As mentioned in the previous session, we could already acknowledged that the ‘Cosplay’ subculture is well-related with the otaku music culture, therefore otaku music culture is always well-associated with cosplay fashion, now let’s also look at the second majority fashion culture in relations with the musical culture, the ‘Visual Kei’ fashion culture; Christian and Frederick mentioned that Japanese rock music have adopted and

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