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Top 3 Japanese Green Teas In India Japanese Green Tea, the miracle drink is quite popular for its health benefits. From weight loss to cancer, green tea is widely gaining popularity as a medicinal drink that is known to prevent a variety of illnesses. However, to reap the surprising benefits of green tea, one must select right type. It is quite difficult to make a choice without knowing the main differences between the varieties, quality, grade, processing time and other factor. so, here are top 5 appreciated varieties of Japanese green tea listed along with all the major characteristic that you should take into account when purchasing your day-to-day tea. Gyokuro - The Finest Japanese Green Tea Gyokuro is rolled form of shaded Japanese…show more content…
Help to eliminate the extra cholesterol from the body. Controls the blood sugar levels. Aid in preventing cancer. Beneficial to build up the immune system. Great for Osteoporosis. Best in a weight-loss diet. Retains a youthful skin and Reduce wrinkles. A cup of Sencha after every meal prevents germs to attack the teeth. It also helps to keep bad breath away. Sencha tea extract is also used in aromatherapy Other Varieties of Japanese Green Brew Genmaicha mostly consist of Sencha tea combined with roasted brown rice.It is a great tea during and after every meal, as it cleanses the palate. Guricha, is a A rare, unique Japanese tea well known for its sweet smell and taste. Although many teas claim their sweetness, Guricha’s unique sweetness is derived from its processing method. Hojicha, a mild, gentle roasted green tea is known for its low amounts of caffeine. This pan-fried tea has a nutty, toasty flavour, and aroma. Kukicha is a light, refreshing tea made using the tea tree’s stems, stalks and twigs. Kuki cha has a creamy, nutty flavour, and is a light coloured brew. It is mostly preferred for those who are on the macrobiotic diet, as it helps calm the stomach and the

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