Japanese Involvement In World War II

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Japan’s Involvement in World War II World War II was one of the deadliest and most influential wars in history. World War II was a global war between various, competing countries. It was one of the most large-scale wars in historical records and had a massive impact on society today. Japan was a major country partaking in World War II. They participated in many events during the war and had an important role in many of the important and well known battles. During World War II, the
Japanese took part in many of the major events of the war including the Japanese invasions,
Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway, and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
While America avoided the nation wide war, Japan was an active participant yet
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“The Battle of Midway is considered the turning point for the Japanese-American conflict in World War II. It was an important win for America and resulted in numerous Japanese loses” (“Battle of Midway”). On January 14, 1942, the Japanese decided to destroy the American naval fleet, a feat which had not been achieved during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Midway was recommended by the Japanese generals. This battle, if won, could open the opportunity of invading Hawaii and forcing America to surrender. The Americans were informed of the attack before it occurred giving them enough time to prepare and plan. “Japan won two barren islands, in the Aleutians, and lost 4 irreplaceable carriers and many irreplaceable aviators...making the Japanese combined fleet weaker than the American fleet...the U.S. also saved Midway and possibly Hawaii gaining the offensive position for 2 months” (“Battle of Midway”). Winning this battle proved to be immensely helpful to the United States, giving them the attacking advantage for a few months and allowing their progress in the war to turn more in their favor. The loss was a devastating blow to the Japanese, the destruction of their aircraft carriers making their naval fleet weak and ineffective. They could no longer assist in any naval operations for their allies during the war due to the incapability of their fleet. Although the Japanese were in a compromised position, they refused to surrender making America take drastic

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