Japanese Language Problems

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In the category of language, more than 65 respondents answered that they have problem learning Japanese, the key problems are the time constrain follow by the motivation. Surprisingly, the main way they learn Japanese is not from the language course but through their job, their everyday life and their friends/ relatives instead. (figure 4.61) One of the Indian respondent said that “I know about the languages course, however, I cannot find an appropriate time to attend their lectures.” Even there are courses provided KCIF as mentioned earlier. So it might dues to the inappropriate time schedule of the courses that are provided at KCIF as it is on volunteer basic. This language problem is also the main different between Japan and country such…show more content…
Economic vise, they mainly agreed that their neighborhoods are economical diverse. (figure 4.63)

Last but not least the transportation category, the majority think that there is adequate public transport in Kyoto city, and the main mode of transport is public bus, 75 percent of the respondents tend to choose to walk first and they feel that it is easy to commute in Kyoto city. Moreover, respondents highly value the public transportation and pedestrian/ bicycle way in Kyoto. (figure 4.64).

KCIF multiculturalism
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(figure 4.67) Among these, the three most dominant policies are improvement of international student support programs, the reinforcement of disaster prevention and crisis management and the promotion social participation by international residents. In this core policy, the average scores were higher compare to the first two. But still the priority that Kyoto city should consider is the exemplification of cultural diversity, social participation and the support program for Japanese

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