Japanese Monologue

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Right now i am at japan trying to leave. This place has been hell for all of us Canadian soldiers. The Japanese conquered British colony of Hong Kong. By Christmas day 1941, Hong Kong had fallen to the hands of the Japanese. This is only hours after the Japanese plnes bombed the pearl harbour. As soon as Britain military found out about what happened, the British military outpost to prevent the japanese expansions into China. Months later the Canadian soldiers and I were sent to guard as Britain stretched too thin. 1975 canadians were either killed or taken prisoners by the Japanese. The Canadian army were far too young and new unlike the japanese, they were well trained and experienced. There are little chance of survival if you 're sick. The japanese people executed all of the nurses and doctors immediately.…show more content…
The japanese are very terrifying people. I am very lucky to be alive today. One of the canadian soldiers was caught and taken to prison, but later he escaped. He told me all these things about the inside of the Japanese prison. He said they would give them minimum amount of food supply for each prsioners cell, they would have to share that amount between 4-5 people. I know Canadians back at home are very horrified we would be next bye the Japanese, but i don 't want to worry you because we have britain and the u.s to help us. This battle is the second most significant battle to canada because japan could be a threat to canada. The japanese don 't want to surrender, even after all this. They have a strong and experienced army. If they attack Canada, this would be our first battle in Canada, and canadians would be very terrified. Us Canadians have to be strong and fight for our country. But dont you worry mom, with the help of the u.s and British, we can defeat japan. I have no more space on my postcard to write, so i have to end this here. I love you very much mom. See you
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