We The Unicorns Analysis

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You’re an egotistical narcissist blinded by the validation of your fans, your friends, and your bank account. The worst part is that you know and have admitted this. Your fans are children who are easily influenced, and watching you teaches them they can be disrespectful without facing the repercussions. There’s no denying you have fame and money, but are they worth the backlash you’ve received from creators, consumers, and celebrities? I’ve studied Japanese language and culture for three years and traveled to Japan twice. Let me tell you that what you did is among the worst you can do. Despite acknowledging that Japan greatly values respect, you ran through the streets of Sensoji, the largest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, while flailing your arms. (We The Unicorns) At Tsukiji Market, the world’s biggest…show more content…
Once you were finished with them, you left them on top of a moving taxi. (We The Unicorns) The incident that ignited the whole situation was your finding a dead body in Aokigahara, the infamous “Suicide Forest,” laughing at it, and putting it in not only your video but your disgusting thumbnail. (We The Unicorns) This is only a sample of the destruction you caused. While your character is essentially a twelve year old boy stuck in a twenty-two year old’s body, it’s time to learn that your actions affect the people around you. Many visit Sensoji to pray, to pay respect to their ancestors, and to enjoy the peace. (Asano) Your vile actions disrespected the temple, Buddhism, and its visitors. If you can’t comprehend the purpose of a temple, you should at least be able to respect it and the people there. Although it is a tourist attraction, Tsukiji is still a place of business where professionals work and chefs in Tokyo source their fish. It is not a place to play around. Those drivers could lose their jobs because they didn’t notice you jumping onto their vehicles. The
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