Japanese Restaurant Experience Essay

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Time passes really fast and I have already worked as a part-time waiter in this Japanese restaurant for two and a half years. Today is my last day at work and I have a lot to share, not only the most memorable experience I had while working, but also what I have learnt since I chose this job.

I remembered that why I chose Japanese restaurant is due to my curiosity on Japanese culture and cuisine. I remember that I was energetic and excited as I reckon that being surrounded by all sorts of Japanese food should be fun. However, thing did not go smoothly as I had expected at the beginning. Still, it was rewarding. I would never have learnt and grown so much if I had not worked there.

For me, the most memorable and unforgettable experience must
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Besides the cold dishes, such as sushi and salad, I also had to deliver hot soup and heavy bowls of food on a tiny tray. In order to hold the tray steadily, I had to be extra careful to prevent the food from falling onto the floor. Since I cannot walk very fast in that way, I received harsh scolding from the manager for my low efficiency. The fortunate thing was that the other waiters and waitresses were very friendly. They taught me they way to work more efficiently. I learnt how to deal with some troublesome customers as…show more content…
At first, I just thought that it was a piece of cake! Soon after that, some customers left, I immediately grasped my towels and try to tidy up the table. When I came to it, I was totally shocked. How can a table be so dirty? There were bones and leftover not only on the table, but also on the chairs! I could not believe I was working in such a poor condition. I felt like I was cleaning up a garbage bin. Even it is so; I managed to clean up the mess finally. Just at the moment when I wanted to rest a bit, the manager stared at me, signaling that some other customers were leaving and therefore I had to work
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