Essay About Tokyo Sexwhale

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Characteristics Billionaire, business man, entrepreneur, ex-husband, father to five children, this is not Donald Trump but in fact our very own Tokyo Sexwhale. Owner of a requisite yacht, vineyards, a Lear jet as well as a 70 million dollar island a chairman of the Trans Hex Group and Northern Platinum, director of ABSA group limited and Gold Fields, this is a man that has been personally lauded by none other than Harry Oppenheimer. Sexwhale was been imprisoned on charges of terrorism and conspiracy, and 12 years later led to his release. He landed up marrying Judy van Vuuren, the paralegal that represented him in prison, although that might have been because she was the first women he had seen for 12 years and as we all know the prison life isn’t exactly ideal. He is also known as a philanthropist and patron to multiple societies who contribute to the greater good of the community namely disadvantaged children or families that were affected by apartheid. He is a smart man, who caters for the needs…show more content…
He has received two honorary doctorates and multiple other awards from various different countries showing the amount this man has to offer. He is a successful business man, he is well liked, charismatic, respectable, charitable, a trusted friend of Nelson Mandela. Tokyo is a competitive man, who has had his eye on presidency for quite some time. He is one of those few men who have started with very little but with drive and sheer determination has become one of the most successful business men in South Africa. Leadership Style In addition to all these man’s credentials, he has held vast leadership roles. He was a man whose younger days were spent fighting for the African National Congress, who
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